About Jimmy

Jimmy Hamm

Co-Founder / Director of Fun

When he envisioned founding Clean Fun Network, Jimmy wanted to convey that sobriety and a clean experience does not mean ‘the end of fun as you know it.’ As Director of Fun for Clean Fun Network, Jimmy is responsible for organizing exciting travel experiences and events that help keep CFN members engaged. The discovery of life-changing experiences is something that Jimmy and the CFN team strive to deliver to its members.

Jimmy attended Syracuse University graduating with a dual major in Finance and Marketing. Post-graduation, he worked on Wall Street for 10 years and achieved substantial success before reaching the age of 30. In 2000, Jimmy decided to change his career to acting so he enrolled in and graduated from the prestigious William Esper Studio.

After several years of abusing drugs and alcohol, Jimmy quit that life for good in 2007 and never looked back. Then in 2009, Jimmy began organizing group trips to his vacation rental houses in Montauk for New York AA members and sober communities with the goal of providing ‘clean fun’. Jimmy’s group trips became so popular that he expanded the vacation experiences to Puerto Rico, which attracted over 200 travelers, as well as a ski getaway in Stratton, Vermont, which was also a rousing success.

In April 2014, Jimmy was ready to take these sober travel experiences to the next level and partnered with MJ to begin the groundwork in creating Clean Fun Network. With Clean Fun Network, Jimmy will introduce programming that will feature engaging events, an app for spontaneous get-togethers and dating opportunities for singles as well as signature CFN Travel experiences so that members can enjoy active and fulfilling getaways that will create indelible memories.

About Jimmy

MJ Gottlieb

Co-Founder / Director of Clean

As ‘Director of Clean’ for The Clean Fun Network, MJ is instrumental in leading the operations and crafting partnerships for the CFN organization and its members. MJ is also responsible for the development of CFN’s Foundation, which will be launched in 2015 to help sponsor trips for those in sobriety who do not have the financial means to participate in current CFN experiences. The CFN Foundation will be dedicated to offer continued support to such individuals so as many people as possible can participate in a clean, fun and enriching lifestyle.

A native New Yorker, MJ grew-up in downtown Manhattan and attended college at University of Colorado at Boulder where he started his first business at the age of 20 called BNW Racial Awareness Wear, a clothing line created to break down existing color lines and help promote racial awareness in the community. Since 1991, MJ has owned and operated six successful businesses …only to burn them all to the ground through his addiction to drugs and alcohol.

“Everyone in my company from the people who worked with me to the people who worked for me pleaded me to stop. I was in denial. They even staged a company intervention and sent me to rehab. When I came out, not only did I pick up where I left off but fell even deeper into my addiction. Eventually, they teamed up and forced me out. I never thought a person could get kicked out of his own company.” – MJ

In 2012, MJ ran into Jimmy Hamm (Director of Fun, CFN), someone he met when he was initially trying to get sober many years before in 2007. Both MJ and Jimmy shared a passion for helping others who are dealing with drug and/or alcohol addictions and wanted to find a way to show people how to have fun in sobriety. Jimmy had already started running sober houses and events for a number of years. With Jimmy’s experience and MJ’s entrepreneurial background, they decided to join forces and create the ultimate destination for those looking to have fun in sobriety. Together with the Clean Fun Network and co-founder Jimmy Hamm, MJ aims to show how sobriety is the next exciting chapter in your life and opens new doors for a fulfilling and vibrant lifestyle.

MJ has been sober now since March 2012.

MJ is also currently the co-owner of Hustle Branding (a division of The N2ITIV Group, Inc.), a strategic consulting firm specializing in the implementation of creative business strategies to help aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses increase their brand awareness and monetize their business. In October 2014, MJ published his book, “How To Ruin A Business Without Really Trying” a book containing 55 personal case studies on MJ’s entrepreneurial journey to highlight some of the most prevalent and destructive mistakes entrepreneurs make when going into business.