Clean Fun Network is a community and premier social network committed to a healthy, clean and fun lifestyle. CFN believes, and wishes to share with its members, that enjoyment of life does not end with sobriety. It is the ideal organization for those seeking a fulfilling lifestyle by meeting others with like interests and creating fun with meaningful experiences.

To achieve this goal, CFN offers a spectrum of life changing services including an app for spontaneous get-togethers, dating, signature events, trips and a comprehensive, website where members can meet and interact, all with a focus on enjoying life and establishing long lasting friendships and relationships.

CFN signature services provide diversity and inclusivity, sharing a high quality of life. Upcoming events will feature music, entertainment, sports, and niche interests such as cuisine, yoga, and more. Travel experiences encompass affordable and luxury options in the U.S. and international destinations.

The privacy and safety of its members is also a CFN priority and is carefully protected by the organization. CFN strives to always protect its members’ anonymity. In addition, a screening process is conducted with each potential new member to ensure that they share the organization’s commitment to having fun in sobriety. This ensures that CFN activities are not only fun and enthralling but safe.

Concept and management of CFN is led by Jimmy Hamm (Director of Fun) and MJ Gottlieb (Director of Clean). Its full range of services will be available and launched in Q1 2015. In addition, the CFN Foundation will be inaugurated to assist those in sobriety who do not have the means to participate in CFN activities to support their dedication to having positive fun and help them enjoy a clean, fun and enriching lifestyle.